The electrical system of your business or home can easily be damaged by flood water. What is more, when water comes in contact with anything electrical, there is a risk of electrocution. Yet when the rain is pouring hard up here in Washington, people often forget about their electrical system until it is too late. However, there are some things you can do in advance that will mitigate damage to you or your electrical system during a flood.

First of all, if you are experiencing an electrical emergency due to flooding, don’t hesitate to call Merv Electric. We offer 24-hour emergency electrical services in the Bellevue and Seattle area. When the rain starts to pour, don’t suffer from power outages due to water damage. Merv Electric will help you anytime, rain or shine!

The Risks of Flooding to Your Electrical System

Your electrical system will be anything but fine if it comes into contact with water. Even just a little water, let alone flooding, can do a number on your electrical system. When it floods, your electrical system is liable to be temporarily or permanently damaged. The meters, outlets, switches, service panels, and other components of your electrical system are all likely to be turned into scrap metal if they are inundated with water for even a short period of time. Another unexpected risk that comes with flooding is, ironically, fire. This can occur when a system short circuits due to water damage.

How to Prevent Flooding from Damaging Your Electrical System

There are a number of things you can do to prevent your electrical system from getting damaged by flood water. The first and most obvious is to make sure flood waters don’t get anywhere near it. That either means waterproofing your electricity box or entire basement (if that is where it is located), or getting your electricity system installed high enough that flooding won’t damage it. If your drainage system is working and your electrical system is high enough off the ground, your system may survive a flood without damage. This would make cleaning up and repairing your property quicker and less expensive, and it will also reduce the risk of fire. If you’re expecting a flood, fully disconnect the building from the grid. Electricity and water don’t mix well at all, so it is a good idea to do everything you can to reduce the chances that the two ever meet.

Get Repairs Where Necessary

Sometimes, even despite your best efforts, flood waters may get into your home and cause damage to your electrical system. In such cases, you may need to call professional electricians to conduct repairs. In such scenarios, consider reaching out to Merv Electric to get the job done right. With more than five years of experience, our team is capable of conducting electrical repairs of every variety all around the Bellevue and Seattle areas. No matter the size or complexity of the job, we have you covered. Call us now to schedule an estimate for your electrical repair needs!